New Students: $40/Student

Returning Students: $25/Student

(After June 30th)

New Students: $65/Student

Returning Students: $50/Student

Paid to Arete

**Due at registration**

Facility Fees


Max of $100/Family

Paid to Arete

**Due at Registration**

Materials Fees

$10/student/class (periods 1-5)

6th period (semester) classes require a $15/student/class materials fee


Paid to Arete

**Due at Registration**


Study Hall: $50/year

1 hour/week class: $130/year

1.5 hour/week class: $200/year

2 hour/week class: $260/year

3 hour/week class: $390/year

Semester classes: $85/semester

Paid to the Instructor

**Due on the first day of class**

Course Deposit

A $75/student course deposit is due upon registration. If a student withdraws from a class or changes classes, the deposit will be forfeited and given to the instructor. If there are no withdrawals or class changes, the deposit will be refunded once the first semester tuition has been paid for all classes in which the student is enrolled.

2019 - 2020 Tuition and Fees

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